We just wanted to provide a quick update on life at PLOTT and the part we’re playing during Covid-19.

Here at PLOTT we are very lucky to have a client base predominantly made up of financial and professional services businesses. Generally these sectors are less impacted by the initial shock of the C-19 lockdown. As a result they are still keen to keep business moving, and more importantly for us, continue with their branding and marketing plans.

We’re also in the privileged position of being able to work from home without too much upheaval. Thanks to the numerous video conferencing tools now available it’s been very easy to continue communicating with our team and our clients in much the same way as we did before.

There’s certainly an argument we are actually more productive, and environmentally friendly, working this way. Longer term it will definitely make us consider the need to travel for meetings and promote more flexible working arrangements.

So work wise, we wanted to share a couple of projects we’re currently working on that are really having an impact during C-19.

At PLOTT we were fundamental in the launch of the Eco Pledge and we love helping brands find their wider purpose, i.e. why they exist beyond the desire to make money. Never has it been more important to find your purpose and we believe businesses that step up and benefit society as a whole during C-19 will be the real survivors.

So step up, The Fuel Bank Foundation. This wonderful team help homes in fuel crisis by offering simple guidance to support families who may be at risk of self-disconnecting over the coming months. And never has this been more relevant and needed. We are currently working with the trustees and partners to brand this charity and get their new website live.

Next up, we are rebranding G Comms who are currently delivering telecoms consumables to the Excel Centre in London where they are fitting out the Covid-19 hospital.

We are very proud to be playing our part in helping these wonderful businesses communicate their stories and help us all in these unprecedented times.

On another note, we were also headline sponsors at the recent YMCA Sofa Surf event raising £2.4k for youth homelessness. Forced to think creatively the charity switched its annual sleep out to a sofa surf and broadcast live across social media.

As we head into week 5 of lockdown, happy to chat to any business owners if you have any questions about how to help build your brands during this time.

Big love – stay connected (virtually), stay creative & stay safe!