PLOTT Creative were on hand at the Royal Business Fair to help bring support for the Sutton Coldfield Chamber’s EcoPledge to life.

Led by Anna Plotnek, the creative firm backed president Katie Hale’s new scheme by documenting pledges from businesses in an artistic word chart.

Having listened to a seminar about the EcoPledge, businesses had the opportunity to pledge one change to their operations in order to prove their sustainability.

Over the years we have sub-consciously implemented initiatives to reduce our waste (printing less, printing double-sided, reducing plastic, recycling more) but now we want to consciously get behind this scheme and think of further ways we can make a difference, no matter how small.

Businesses in attendance gathered at the PLOTT expo stand to see their own sustainability pledges brought to life on canvas by their resident illustrator.

The range of pledges was huge, from edible gardens to electric car charging points and solar panel installation.

Team PLOTT will be picking their five favourite pledges next week.

The winners will receive a PLOTT chocolate bar, as well as having the chance to put their pledge on camera.

PLOTT_expo pledge