Here in the PLOTT studio, we love to surround ourselves with plants! But they’re more than just an office decoration – research has shown that there are real tangible benefits to having plants in the workplace. Inspired by our Eco Pledge, we’ve brought even more plants into our office!

Plants boost creativity (not that we need it!)

Recent studies have found that the presence of plants in the workplace increases creativity levels, which is great for a creative agency like us. As direct representations of nature, plants are brilliant sources of inspiration as they come in all shapes, sizes, colours and textures. And shades of green are very relaxing, helping with freedom for creative thinking.

Plants help increase productivity

Studies have also found that adding plants into the workplace helps to increase team productivity: tasks are completed faster, fewer mistakes are made, and focus and concentration levels are boosted. And this is particularly applicable to people who work on computers, like all of us PLOTTers!

Simply enriching a previously Spartan space with plants served to increase productivity by 15%.
Marlon Nieuwenhuis, Cardiff University’s School of Psychology

Plants can help to reduce stress and improve mental health

This isn’t a new revelation. Stress is present in every office environment – that’s just a fact of office life! But having plants dotted about the office can help reduce stress-related conditions like anxiety, depression and fatigue. Possibly this is because plants by their very nature are calm and serene (except perhaps our Venus flytrap…!)

Plants help clean the air

Having plants in our studio helps get rid of pollutants and dust that are in the air. And breathing in cleaner air makes for a healthier working environment, and gives us PLOTT lot a bit of a health boost!

Plants contribute to a better working environment

A good working environment means we’re all healthier and happier! We look forwards to coming to work and we get our jobs done efficiently. Which means we maintain the high level of service all PLOTT clients receive.

Our research suggests that investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off through an increase in office workers’ quality of life and productivity.
Marlon Nieuwenhuis, Cardiff University’s School of Psychology

We’re complete converts to plants in the office – why not add them to yours?