Social Media can be a really effective and a relatively cheap way to get your vacancies in front of the right candidates. It can also help you, as a recruiter, get better quality applicants for your roles. The trick however, is not just to post about your new vacancies, but also to engage with your audiences, to reach out and generate business connections, leads, and get your vacancies in front of a better calibre of applicant.

72% of 18-34 year olds found their previous role through a social network.

The recruitment sector is no different. As each year goes by, increasing numbers of digital natives enter the workforce. Social media is increasingly becoming their go-to place for job searches, in the same way people once circled adverts in a newspaper! Recent research from the Aberdeen Group has shown that just over 72% of 18-34 year olds found their previous role through a social network. So in an ever-increasingly digital world, how can recruiters use social media platforms more effectively?

Advertising on Social Media
Precise targeting options on the social networks advertising platforms can be a great way to reach out to potential candidates. With organic Facebook reach ever-diminishing, paying to promote your content is a really cost effective way of getting your vacancies in front of highly qualified potential hires.

An effective campaign needs to speak to the target audience, use supportive imagery to reinforce your brand and direct targeted users to your website. Once they land on your site there should be a clear call-to-action visible (where you capture their personal details) such as an email address.

Create Content for Social Media
Social Media Recruitment usually amounts to posting vacancies on LinkedIn and tweeting about them in the hope that the right person sees the message and responds. This approach needs to change in 2016!

Creating original sector-leading content can help you to stand out both on a personal and brand level. Become a thought leader! This shouts the message out to candidates and clients that you understand their industry and their needs, helping generate better quality candidates and more leads.

Social Media platforms are seriously starting to prioritise their types of posts and offering more reach to more engaging content. So in 2016, nothing speaks more clearly and reaches more potential candidates than a well directed online video. Socialbakers points out in their research that you can, on average, achieve a 135% increase in organic reach if you use video instead of a photo.

Look Beyond the CV
It’s vital to get your vacancies on the screens of candidates who possess the requisite skills to apply for the jobs, but their skill set alone shouldn’t be enough to secure a position. The cultural fit between an employer and their employees should be given just as much consideration. Getting a good fit between a potential new employee, and the rest of a clients workforce is equally important. This can have an impact on productivity and happiness of your existing workforce. The knock on effect is reduced staff turnover and ultimately, lower recruiting costs.

Oliver Jenkins is The Social Sasquatch. You can find him handing out free high-fives on Twitter @hairyhandshake.