This month we’ve had the pleasure of presenting at the ThreeSixty Technology Emporium. These events showcase a new era of thinking and a new breed of technology for financial planners and wealth managers.

Held in London and Bristol with over 150 attendees, it demonstrates the sector’s huge appetite to understand how to transform and build businesses ready for the next generation.

Tony Bray of ThreeSixty Services set the scene by introducing the speaker lineup: ourselves, moneyinfo, i4C, Time4Advice and Advice Front.

We opened the event by ‘Starting with the Why’. Put simply, key differentiators and showcasing an authentic sense of purpose – a reason ‘why’ you exist beyond the drive to make money.

This value is key to growth as it demonstrates how to achieve sustainable growth, a competitive edge and future proof their firms for the next generation.

We looked at the causes of what had bought about this huge shift in our purchasing values, and we identified 2 key defining incidents – the financial crash and the digital revolution.

The way we buy has changed. Still recovering from the banks almost bringing the world to a standstill, a new era of businesses sprung up that promised to put our needs first and make a difference rather than simply making profit.

We identified a huge raft of new fintech disruptors transforming the industry and helping financial firms deliver a better client experience, including those presenting – moneyinfo (client portals), Time4Advice (back office and CRM), i4C (cash flow planning) and Advice Front (onboarding).

‘Branding’ is often seen as intangible and expensive, a nice to do exercise for the ‘big boys’. It’s often pushed to the bottom of the ‘things to do’ list for financial planners, wealth managers and smaller professional services businesses.

Branding is about knowing what you stand for and why you exist. And it’s not a ‘nice to do’ anymore, the new wave of consumer and client demand it.

Businesses regardless of size or sector, who understand the need to find their inner purpose are thriving. Their bottom lines have never been healthier and they’re attracting the best talent.

“Purposeful brands have outperformed their markets by 206% over last 10 years.”

We then explained our years of experience and finished with our 3 stage process:

  1. how to build purpose
  2. creating a relevant, memorable brand experience
  3. how to inspire clients and teams!

It was a real pleasure to be part of a series of events benefiting so many financial planners and wealth managers and we received lots of positive feedback. Plus, we gained new clients who share our beliefs and passion. We’re looking forward to the Bromsgrove event in March!

At PLOTT we exist to help our clients find their WHY, and their authentic story. We bring that purpose to life with creativity that inspires.

If you’d like a copy of our Brand Workshop booklet, why not drop us a line! And if you have any questions or would simply like to pick our brains, get in touch.

Or you can find us at the final event in Bromsgrove on March 13th. You can grab a ticket here.

If you can’t attend we’re happy to share the slides, so just drop us an email!