Advertising Web Design Brochure

OneLUX were a start up emergency lighting company with bright ideas who wanted to take the world by storm! As a small fish in a sea of conventional leaders, they needed a name and identity that was gallant, modern and would elevate them. This was music to our ears and we certainly threw all our creativity into launching this challenger brand. Central to our concept was to revolutionise traditional lighting icons, applying a smart colour palette and turning them on their head, resulting in creating a brand that has really been embraced by the client and their market. OneLUX have become a hugely successful business and there are a few copy-cat attempts knocking around, and as we all know imitation is certainly the best form of flattery.

One-LUX has worked very successfully with PLOTT Creative for over 6 years and we have been delighted with their creative expertise and highly professional, proactive approach. They have done an excellent job in refreshing our website and have recently designed our new product brochure which is fantastic and our customers have responded excellently to.

The whole process of working with them is always a complete joy, as they completely understand the briefs we provide and always deliver an innovative solution quickly and effectively. Highly recommended.