Brochure Point of sale

Not that we need to tell you but Npower are a leading supplier of gas and electricity… you may remember them being solely red! We worked with their marketing team to launch a campaign called ‘red world’ but we were we also asked to help develop their internal communications identity that was to be reflective of their German heritage, RWE. The new ‘award winning look’ was as compelling as their desire to look after their people and it positioned them as ‘Employers of Choice’. We supported them to roll out a vision of how life would be in the future and married the two brands giving their staff a sense of belonging.

PLOTT Creative are not only creative but their professional approach to all the campaigns they have managed for us have ensured that they have all been produced on time and within budget. Their flexibility and efficiency has helped the team manage an increasing volume of creative projects and their fresh approach has been a positive addition to our team.