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Anna Plotnek

Managing Director

Anna is responsible for our strategic direction and more importantly our clients. She is a unique and original thinker who brings bags of energy and structure to every project. She inspires everyone, and ensures we all have bags of fun along the way. She loves the Baggies, snowboarding and Glastonbury.

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Richard Plotnek

Creative Director

With over 12 years agency experience, Rich is our all-round creative guru. Whether he’s working on an advertising campaign or a robot illustration, he loves to nail a challenging brief. Aside from brainstorming on his latest projects, you’ll catch him on the court, or in the gym with his headphones in.

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Katie Hale

Client Services Director

Katie joined us in 2014 to spearhead our new Business and Client Development Team within the recruitment sector. With 7 years on the board running a specialist agency with full responsibility for marketing and communication, she takes the pain away from the process as we endeavour to understand each business we work with.

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Mark Christian

Head of Digital

Mark, our resident techie, heads up all of our digital projects. Despite his love for HTML and WordPress, Mark is not your regular cupboard dwelling coder. He often socialises with us normal folk, whether he’s down the boozer or watching the NFL. He’s also a crack-shot with a longbow, so I wouldn’t question his code!

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Chris Hodgkiss

Graphic Designer

Gaining creative momentum as our Junior Designer and resident poster boy, Chris brings a new energy to the team – after all he was born the year of Reservoir Dogs! He’s pretty handy with a camera and is a social media whizz. He’s an oracle of useless roller coaster knowledge, Jurassic Park quotes and weird noises…

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Oliver Jenkins

digital marketing consultant

The Social Sasquatch, Oli, is our social media junkie and inbound marketing strategist with a passion for beards. A fully fledged Agile Project Manager and University course writer, he knows how to create contagious content that truly engages with audiences. He loves cycling and snowboarding and works well with humans!