Back in June this year, we were inspired by the Sutton Coldfield Chamber of Commerce EcoPledge to make a change.

We’ve always seen ourselves as ‘conscious consumers’, and sustainability is something we’ve always been very aware of. But this was a challenge to do something specific within the business, so we chose to pledge only use carbon neutral paper moving forward, and encourage all clients with print requirements to do the same.

We are a month into making our pledge and happy to report that clients have been very receptive, keen to learn how they can not only use the right suppliers but offset their carbon emissions.

Carbon balanced offsetting focuses on taking a balanced approach to your emissions by following a three-step process to measure and reduce your emissions, before offsetting residual emissions through impactful conservation projects.
World Land Trust

We’re also in the position where we can recommend a brand new printing finish to our clients. Instead of using standard plastic lamination, we’re able to use a natural, rubberised ‘soft touch’ finish. Pages laminated with plastic products are very hard to recycle, but the water-based rubber coating is biodegradable and so is much kinder to the environment.

We’ve had a great response from our clients. Home improvement lenders Propensio Finance took us up on the recommendation of the natural rubber finish and sustainable paper stock for their new brochure. Although the price point is slightly higher (until the process becomes more mainstream) the finished result is wonderfully tactile and beautifully presented.

We’ll continue to offer more sustainable print and paper options to our clients, and our suppliers will continue to refine exciting new processes that help us all reduce the carbon footprint of our businesses.

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