Most businesses are aware that client feedback is one of the most important assets they have. Yet why do so few professional service firms do it? Often it’s because there’s no one within the business to manage it and no one is quite sure how to do it!

With increasing competition, staying relevant and understanding what the next-gen of clients are looking for is more critical than ever to making sure they stay with you.

With this in mind, we’ve started using a range of methods to help our clients gather feedback. These insights can then guide the decisions you make, and help future-proof your business.

If you’re thinking ‘how do we even begin?’ PLOTT are here to help. We’ve worked with a range of clients to help them understand their current clients needs and tailor their service to meet the next-gen client.

Since the digital revolution the next-gen have very different ideas of what they expect from the firms they work with, so monitoring their changing needs will help you enhance the effectiveness of your service.

To help, we’ve have developed 2 feedback techniques, both of which have been key in helping our clients understand how to improve their service.


As we know, providing great client service is the lifeblood of most businesses. By using online surveys to collect feedback, you can find out what makes your clients happy and how you can improve.

The information gathered can be helpful for validating decisions (do we need to implement that tech/app?) and demonstrates to your loyal client base that you are interested in serving their needs.

These satisfaction surveys are important tools for improving your business and ensuring your customers remain with you.

For example, imagine how great a statistic such as ‘99% of clients would recommend PLOTT to a colleague or friend’ would be on your website or other marketing collateral?

At PLOTT we can work with you to establish your overall goals and tailor a survey to help gain this feedback. Depending on your audience we can set up an online or postal survey, or both.

83% of marketers identify that the ability to make data-guided decisions is one of the most important capabilities.

Communicating with your clients via an anonymous survey has often been the instigator for helping our clients make the changes they need in their businesses to attract and retain a younger client base.

Client stories

We are big advocates of getting real people to share their stories about the impact you’ve had on their lives. We often help our clients gather these stories; in the process we use it as an opportunity to conduct meaningful and appropriate interviews around the service their clients are receiving, and more importantly any specific areas they require insight around new services/products etc. So it’s a win-win situation. You have a great story for marketing and feedback you can use to validate decisions.

Why not find out more about how client stories drive better referrals.

At PLOTT we believe both these techniques are critical to helping you think like a client and providing new insights into your business to ultimately guide your decision-making.

We can work with you to tailor a client feedback package that best meets your needs and provides the information that will future proof your business for years to come.

To find out how we can help, get in touch with Anna on 01675 434583 or drop me an email.