Every time you get a new referral it’s often one of your clients inspired that person by telling their story. Stories are very powerful.

Imagine now, if your client told that story to hundreds of other people? If we capture these stories, that’s possible.

At PLOTT we are firm believers in the power of great storytelling and using your happy clients to share their experiences with others. This goes for employee stories too.

Customer and employee advocacy really is the most effective form of marketing and business development.

This can be done in a variety of ways, but we are always sensitive to the kind of information that is used and any potential regulatory or compliance issues.

Video is our preferred format (but we also do photo stories) as it’s the most engaging and emotive channel. Plus Google and millennials love video!

Our aim is for viewers to connect with the person telling their story and feel inspired and compelled to make an enquiry. Having a variety of stories that speak to each of your client types is most effective, for example, individuals and business owners.

These stories should be short and thought-provoking and outline how you helped the client at their time of need. We find most clients are more than happy to be filmed and really enjoy helping to tell your story.

It can often be very overwhelming to hear client stories and a moment of immense pride hearing how you affected their lives and businesses.

Michael Freedam from BPH Wealth recently created this suite of videos of his happy clients with a fantastic outcome.

As well as videos we also take photos and write up the stories for case studies. These can be used across many channels, including multiple times for social media, your blog, brochures, e-shots, press releases and presentations.

As an added extra to gathering these stories, we can also use this time with the client to conduct meaningful interviews based around your service offering or any areas you’re keen to gain insight on.

The recent PFS videos are an excellent example for demonstrating powerful ‘real human’ stories.

We are passionate about helping our clients gather these stories and hearing the impact you’ve had on their lives. We can manage the whole process for you wherever you are based. It would be our privilege.

To find out more, get in touch with Anna on anna@plottcreative.co.uk or 01675 434583