Branding and logo design really gets the PLOTT creative juices flowing! And we’ve worked on some really great logo projects recently.

For this post, we’ve picked 3 of our favourite logos designed over the last 8 – 12 weeks.

Digital Silk

Digital Silk are a tech start up, working with engineering clients to help them identify where Industrial Digital Technologies can be adopted to help grow and future-proof their businesses.

We’ve taken the concept of Digital Silk being a digital thread that can intertwine with companies, working within the various parts of their business to bring them into the digital age. The icon element of the logo resembles a ‘D’ and an ‘S’ integrating with each other like they’ve been threaded together.

Becketts Financial Services

Becketts is a firm of Chartered Financial Planners. They had an existing logo, and PLOTT were tasked with refreshing and modernising it to reflect the new brand direction.

The word ‘beckett’ means ‘bee hive’ in old English. Inspired by this, we created a hive-style graphic element within the logo, adding in the connotation of reliability (the hive provides the security they need, and so the bees always return). We chose a new typeface to reflect a modern financial company, and chose a colour scheme and to reflect wealth and authenticity. Combined, this gives Becketts an upmarket and trusted feel.

Russell Heritage Golf

Russell Heritage is a local golf expert and tutor who also has a series of successful YouTube coaching videos. PLOTT came on board to give Russell’s brand a whole new identity.

We used Russell’s initials to make the logo more personal as he runs his business solo. This makes for a recognisable and memorable logo which fits his own personal brand as well as that of his business.

The PLOTT process

When we come to designing a logo for our clients, the first and most important step is to research the industry; we need to look at what other companies are doing with colours, shapes, graphic devices and type faces. This research enables us to create a impactful and unique logo that will stand out and raise its head above the crowd of competitors.

For us, a great logo needs to be:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Timeless
  • Versatile
  • Appropriate

Using logos across social media and marketing materials

The 3 logos showcased above have been designed with social media in mind. They each have an icon which can easily be used as profile pictures (something we always take into consideration as a full logo will lose its legibility when reduced down to profile picture size). Having the icon as a social profile picture also enables people to recognise your brand without the full name of the company always being there as well.

This then opens up other avenues for your logo icon to be used on stationery (think business cards, letterheads and compliment slips), promotional products such as pull up banners, and within printed and digital adverts. Not having to use the full logo and still being able recognise the company makes it easier for designing on a smaller scale when more company or product information is needed.

To sum it up

Each of our 3 logos are simple, clean and easy to read whilst conveying the industry/sector of each business. They all have an icon that can be used in conjunction with the full logo, or used on its own and still be recognisable. All use modern typefaces that have longevity, and all are extremely versatile enabling seamless use across all media (print and digital).

Do you have a branding or logo project you’d like us to get involved in? Why not get in touch with Anna by email on or drop us a line on 01675 434 583


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