In our previous article we mentioned sharing successful client stories. It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd but with a healthy dose of ingenuity and an injection of creativity you can really impress.

So, we’ve selected a couple of businesses where we admire their ability to bring their brand to life, telling their stories in both a fun and memorable way.

Without further ado, first up is one of our favourite clients, the award-winning fintech firm, moneyinfo.

Their account aggregation software is the go-to finance app, enabling IFA’s and Wealth Managers to have their own branded client portal and mobile app.

moneyinfo bring their brand to life with clever and entertaining marketing to ensure their product story is memorable.

Their ideas are as innovative as their products and truly reflect who they are. The moneyinfo team certainly haven’t struggled to add creativity and fresh thinking to financial services!

Being a challenger brand, they needed to present themselves in a way that makes potential clients feel energised and inspired by the fintech revolution rather than scared by it.

Here are our two favourite examples:

Interview at 3000ft

As well as building the moneyinfo brand, they created Tess – a female fintech leader – and set about building her personal brand. A brand for a character? Yes, it helps sell the story and make it memorable.

Tess and her legitimate persona adds authenticity and builds trust quicker for the challenger brand. She’s reflected as strong, brave and not afraid to do things differently or disrupt.

The energy from the moneyinfo team and the way they’re pushing the boundaries gives them the ability to cut through the traditional financial services marketing channels.

They stand out, getting free social media and press coverage and their message is loud and clear.

They’re not just saying what they’re about – they are truly living and breathing their brand!

Vanilla Ice Rap at a the PFS Festival of Finance

Finance conferences are the last place you’d expect to find someone rapping… So guess what money info did? Yep, they turned their story into a rap and set it to the classic Vanilla Ice track, Ice Ice Baby. Simply genius!

As a result, Tess won Best in Show for the winning moneyinfo presentation at the Festival of Finance!

The ingenuity injected some real personality into their brand to make them stand out and ensured everyone remembered them!

The rap also amplified their message, their values and innovation. The chosen song also hit a note of nostalgia with their target millennial and Gen X audience at the event, resonating brilliantly with the PFS crowd.

Take home messages:

The message is clear, don’t be afraid to push boundaries. The unexpected gets people to take notice and adding humour makes it memorable.

  • Be brave, try different things
  • Use key team members to bring out your firm’s personality
  • Once created, use social media, your website and look for PR opportunities to amplify the reach of your content

If you’re struggling for ideas and how to get your story out there in an engaging, memorable way, give us a shout. We’re good at this stuff!

Or get in touch for a copy of our ‘Do It Yourself’ brand workbook which should inspire your team and help you come up with your own creative ideas.