The moment my 73 year old Dad downloaded a banking app I realised traditional banking was dead. Financial technology is here to stay.

Over 32% of millennials have never been into a bank, let alone written a cheque, and 33% think they will no longer need a bank by 2020.

Led by millennials, customer behvaiour is changing at a rapid pace and financial advisors, wealth managers and other financial institutions need to change with them if they are to survive.

Before the banking crisis, you were statistically more likely to change your spouse than switch banking providers!

Money management platforms are accessible 24/7 to anyone with a smartphone, creating instant fintech adopters who are both money and brand smart.

Client experience needs to be authentic and trustworthy. No false promises. The slightest glitch or wrong campaign and you lose brand trust. Customers pull their money. Switching provider is as simple as downloading an app. Accessibility and choice have killed loyalty.

So, how do financial advisors, wealth managers and fintech disrupter create a trustworthy brand and communicate it in a noisy market?

They speak to us. At PLOTT we are experts in financial brand communications. We create purpose-driven brands and deliver integrated digital marketing and communications strategies for financial advisors, wealth managers and fintech companies.

We love working with like-minded, switched-on individuals looking to upscale and grown their businesses and build their reputations.

We understand the unique challenges of data-driven content and elevated brand strategies needed to capture and retain not only the younger generations, but all generations.

Our many clients in this sector testify how they’ve worked with us to discover the true purpose of their businesses. View our portfolio to see how we’ve crafted new brands, refreshed outdated content and told stories with an entirely new voice.

Let us create your compelling, credible brand story and deliver it across all your communication channels, leaving you the headspace to focus on providing an exceptional client experience.

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