The threat of climate change is very real. It’s something that we all need to be aware of, and something that will impact every single one of us.

Through our work with the Sutton Chamber EcoPledge, we’ve become more and more aware of the impact local businesses can have on creating a more sustainable future for our communities. And it was through the EcoPledge that we were approached to help with a Birmingham-based Climate Change Conference taking place in November.

We worked closely with the organisers of the Climate Change Conference to create their brand and really help bring the event to life. The event will focus on evidence that innovative low carbon, sustainable products and solutions are already available, and the event will bring together these providers and those responsible for delivering future communities.

We were delighted to work with PLOTT Creative on this event. It is so important to give a professional and clear message on what we were hoping to achieve to ensure we attracted the right audience and the great designs helped us to do just that  – in fact they did it so well that we are delighted to say the event has reached full capacity.

PLOTT will be exhibiting at the Climate Change Conference. We’ll be looking at how the future of business is now centred just as much around the purpose and ethical values of a company as the profit.

We know the next generation prefer working, and buying from, companies with a strong sense of purpose and an ethical set of values. Yet it’s surprising how few companies clearly articulate theirs. Millennial consumers are driving this trend, and believe the goal of businesses should be to ‘improve society’.

This is where we come in! As a creative and digital partner to our clients, we help companies develop purpose-led brand strategies that give their businesses a competitive edge. It’s not just the right thing to do, but an essential component of growth.

Businesses cannot thrive in a world in which people don’t. By developing a clear purpose to protect people and the environment, and you will protect the future of your business.

The Climate Change Conference is taking place on 6 November at Tally Ho, Birmingham.