Welcome to the first in our series of articles showcasing companies who’ve really impressed us with their ability to tell their brand stories in new and engaging ways.

As a professional services company ourselves, this time we’re going to talk a bit about how we use social media to tell our story here at PLOTT, and how this fed into the recruitment process for our latest team member. We’ll also look at emerging Fintech company Plum’s use of Messenger and global financial heavyweight Citi’s recruitment drive through the use of live chat.


At PLOTT we work hard to tell our story. And it’s not just a one-off thing – every day is different, and so our brand story is constantly evolving.

Our social media presence is a key element of PLOTT storytelling. Through social media we can open a window into the PLOTT world and let people have a peek inside.

Social media meant that when we were looking to recruit someone new to the team, Jen was already sold on PLOTT before she’d even stepped through the door.

“I felt like I knew Anna and Richard before I’d even met them – their social media presence showed me that PLOTT is so much more than just a company or a place to work. I could find out about Anna’s collaborations with other local women in business which was really inspiring. I could see their local charity involvement, and there were photos of the PLOTT guys on activity days and spending time with each other. Their website showed me the work they do, but their social media showed me their values and the people they are.”

This brings us back to a quote by Seth Godin that we included in our Millennials, Storytelling and Professional Services article“marketing is no longer about the stuff you make but the stories you tell.”


Cool Fintech company Plum is well worth a look in terms of innovative use of social media direct messaging.

Advertised as ‘your money’s best friend’, Plum links to your bank account and monitors your spending activity. It then calculates an affordable amount for you to save using algorithms developed with teams at MIT and CERN.

But what makes them different from other companies offering the exact same product? You open your Plum account in the Messenger app. In fact, all communication with Plum happens through Messenger – even checking your balance and withdrawing funds!

Plum chat to you over the app; they use emojis and they express emotions. It’s like messaging a friend.

Whilst this may not be at all appealing for some, for others it’s perfect. So many of us live our lives on our phones, having a direct dialogue to our bank through a live chat app is exactly what we’ve been waiting for.


Global finance company Citi is a familiar name to a lot of us. And whilst they have the gravitas that comes with being a billion-dollar company, in 2017 they found that their careers site was performing worse than the market benchmark (PathMotion, June 2018).

Candidates wanted to know the company story, and even more than that they wanted to know the story of the employees. But what they were getting was an abundance of facts and a total lack of storytelling, leaving them feeling frustrated and unengaged.

“Employees are seen as the most credible source of information about what it’s like to work for your company.”

If potential candidates can’t find the information they want on your recruitment site, they’ll go elsewhere to find it – and on websites like Glassdoor, you have no control over what they find there…

Citi’s solution? Adding a live chat direct with their employees to their careers site. This gave candidates a direct line to the heart of the company. Employees were able to share their stories and answer any questions candidates had.

The result? 77% of candidates said their impression of Citi had improved, and 98% planned to apply for a position (PathMotion, June 2018).

Take home messages

What it really boils down to is this:

  • Stories are better remembered – they stick in your head and grab your attention
  • Make the most of your company social media presence to add authenticity and value to your brand story – it makes all the difference
  • Try to think outside the box when it comes to how you communicate with customers and candidates
  • When it comes to recruitment, real time engagement with employees is the most immersive way to tell stories

Want to find out more about using social media to tell your brand story? Why not drop Anna an email: anna@plottcreative.co.uk