We’ve been plotting something, something very exciting. Finally, we can reveal…

AP Designs is becoming PLOTT Creative! 

Why, we hear you cry?

We’ve grown up a lot over the last 5 years, and we offer so much more now than just design work, so we needed a new brand to reflect what we’ve become.

When AP Designs was created, it was essentially a one-man-band design agency run by our very own Anna Plotnek, so the name was perfect! As time went on, the client base grew and the scope of the marketing projects got bigger and more complex. Realising that we didn’t really fit under the ‘design’ umbrella any longer, our brand was starting to hold us back. Anna had this to say:

We were finding that even our own clients didn’t fully understand the range of services we offered, and we couldn’t really blame them with my initials ‘AP’ and ‘Designs’ as our name! We wanted something that encompassed everything we did, but also had a cheeky nod to the ‘Plotnek’ heritage.


Fast forward to today, and we’re now headed up by brother and sister duo, Richard and Anna. As a brand and digital agency, we needed a new name while keeping our style of communications the same – as our values certainly weren’t changing! Re-branding can be a scary process, and we certainly didn’t take it lightly as we’d built up many years of brand equity. We have helped many of our clients rebrand themselves over the years and understood that repositioning and freshening up your brand with the right planning and execution can give your business a boost!

How, you may ask?

Well, luckily it’s what we do! Having said that, it’s aways a much harder job doing this for yourself as it’s so personal. We explored some interesting names over the last 12 months to try and capture what we are about – ‘Sibling’, ‘Kinection’ and ‘Bond’ were contenders, but PLOTT felt right and said everything we wanted to say. It was staring us in the face the whole time!

Richard, our Creative Director, dug deep and looked at the origins of PLOTT and what it means to him:

A PLOTT is a story, a plan, a space to create – a visual representation of you. The logo represents our close relationships with our clients, it also represents our close-knit team… and the pair of PLOTT’s that made it all happen!


We’re proud of PLOTT Creative. We love it already. We won’t be changing our name again that’s for sure! So, farewell AP Designs, hello PLOTT Creative.

Bring on 2016! See you on the other side…